Floor Plan Design

Floor plan design is the backbone of your optometric practice. Mistakes made in the design of your floor plan are expensive or impossible to fix later. When we create your floor plan we insure that your office will perform efficiently for years, even decades to come.

With 28 years of experience designing every aspect of the office from optical to exam rooms to staff areas, we bring you proven solutions to patient flow and productivity objections.

Top Floor Plan Issues:

  • Will your floor plan create optimum patient flow and prevent future bottlenecks?
  • Will your floor plan protect doctors from unwanted interruptions?
  • Will your the floor plan prevent patients from viewing unsightly areas (like contact lens storage or messy desktops)?
  • Is your optical dispensary strategically laid out to capture maximum sales communicate different price levels visually?

If you build your office with a floor plan that doesn't work, it won't matter how beautiful it is. You'll be suffering daily with those mistakes.....and losing money and time because of the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your physical environment.

One of the best investments you can make in your practice is to get expert professional floor plan design...and then enjoy practicing every day in an office that works like a well-oiled machine.

Here's an example of a startup practice that's primed for success:

Optometry Office Floor Plan - 1,437 sq. ft.

Patients coming in the front door cannot see or interrupt the doctor working in the clinic area. Productivity is enhanced with two exam rooms supported by the main Data Collection room and separate Visual Fields room. The optical displays can show from 500 to 700 frames. 

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