Study Released On the Overwhelming Odds Against Succeeding as an Eye Care Professional

Disturbing Trends Threaten Financial Future of Private Practices

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Portland, OR - October 20, 2009 - Barbara Wright Design, a nationally recognized optical office design firm, commissioned an independent research study into the key business obstacles faced by eye care professionals in today's rocky economy. It shows that excellence in the clinical arena is no longer enough to succeed.

The study discovered that even as competition from commercial optical chains increases, managed care continues to depress income for both ophthalmologists and optometrists. Yet administrative and management duties demand more time. 

One part of the study shows that a 5% increase in patient loyalty can result in up to a 60% increase in profits. Doctors find it challenging enough to run a medical practice well but are often ill-equipped to provide the optical fashion flair and high-level-customer service- needed to keep patients happy and loyal.

"In a patient's mind an eye doctor's office gets compared to retail stores, but eye doctors are not trained to be retailers or business people," notes Barbara Wright, C.I.D., president of Barbara Wright Design. The study reveals practical ways that eye care professionals can overcome these weaknesses and succeed despite the odds.

"The motivation for Barbara Wright Design to develop this study," says Wright, "was to understand what our clients are up against and discover what actually works for them and what doesn't." According to the study, being the best isn't enough; it's more important to emphasize how you are different and learn how to communicate that to prospective patients.

Wright believes that the most potent competitive weapon for any eye doctor is to develop a unique personalized brand identity for their practice so patients perceive them as totally professional and different from all others in both medical eye care and fashion eye wear.

A free preview of the study is available for instant download at on the Barbara Wright Design website.

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