Merchandising Inspiration from Cole Haan

Date: February, 22, 2010 / Author: Jennifer Anderson
Categories: Photos, Trends

Cole Haan MerchandisingHave you seen the latest Cole Haan store design? I snapped these photos through their front window. This store is a great example of masterful merchandising. The drawers are meant to be always in the open position displaying just one type of product in each drawer. How could we adapt this concept for optical display? Notice how beautifully all the product is arranged and how some "breathing" space is allowed around the groups of product.

The other photo of this store has some great lighting ideas like the square opening in the ceiling with indirect light that washes down the walls. This store is fairly narrow and the back wall is quite a distance from the front window where I took the photo. The designer wisely used light colors and bright lighting for that back wall so your eye would be drawn through the entire space, pulling you all the way to the back to see everything the store has to offer.Cole Haan Store

A dash of shiny metallic shelving adds needed contrast to the natural wood tones and neutral colors. The merchandise has quite a bit of color in it so the neutral backdrop works well for this store. This color scheme would not work well for optical because eyewear is such small merchandise. Even the brightest colored oversize sunglass cannot be seen as well from across the store as a shoe or handbag.

The atmosphere created by this store design says "high quality," a message that is totally congruent with the Cole Haan brand. That is how you need to think about your brand. What is the atmosphere of your office saying to your patients? If it is not communicating the right message for your brand, it is hindering you from attracting the patients you most want.

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