Frame Inventory Management

Date: August, 2, 2011 / Author: Jennifer Anderson
Categories: Do's and Don'ts, Growth and Profit Tips, Office Design FAQ, Productivity Tips

In my opinion, "frame board" is a old-fashioned word that should be retired from use. If all you have in your office is "frame boards" you're in big trouble display-wise. But don't let the title of the following article fool you. Jay Binkowitz, a 30 year optical industry veteran, lays out a modern, sophisticated approach to frame inventory management that you will find enlightening.

Click this link below to download a copy of the article

Maximize your Frame Board by Jay Binkowitz

If you like this article, check out Jay's amazing analytic software, "The Edge" at” it will give you the numbers and metrics you need to fine-tune your practice and increase profits in both the clinical and the retail side. And it works seamlessly with the most popular practice management software.

If you decide to learn more about The Edge, please tell Jay that you heard about it from us!

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