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Date: October, 6, 2009 / Author: Jennifer Anderson
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If you like the softness and sound-absorbing quality of carpet, you have lots of good choices available in today's commercial carpets. Many include recycled fibers and most commercial carpet manufacturers have re-cycling programs. They will pick up your old carpet and recycle it so it doesn't go into a landfill.

Just make sure it has enough pattern and texture to hide dirt and lint. Stay with a medium color weight. Too light and it shows dirt too easily; too dark and it shows every speck of lint.

Carpet tiles are good in corporate settings or large heavily-trafficked clinics where the ability to replace a few tiles here or there can really extend the useful life of the carpet. For most optometry practices the extra cost is not justifiable.

Bamboo flooring is a good eco-friendly alternative to hardwood. But like other "engineered wood flooring" products it can be very noisy, especially if you have high ceilings or drywall (non-acoustic) ceilings. We do not use any of the Pergo-type laminated flooring products in our office designs because of the noise factor.

Inside New Office Design We are using more luxury vinyls in the dispensary nowadays. This is nothing like Grandma's old linoleum! Clients like getting the beautiful and fashionable look of wood planks or stone tile that is comfortable underfoot and easy to damp mop clean. We sometimes design flooring patterns or medallions combining various styles, colors and textures to create a unique look in the optical or front office area.

We find that commercial luxury vinyl is more durable and just as beautiful as laminated or engineered flooring with the added advantage of being much quieter.

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